Types of Overhead Cranes


Overhead cranes belongs to bridge type cranes, those crane have bridge structure supporting on elevated track way directly. Overhead crane structure system is compact and scientific, it is made up of bridge structure (including main beam, end beam, track way of trolley crane), trolley, bridge structure running system and electrical control system. Crane trolley uses winching type, and it is installed with lifting device and running units of trolley. This overhead crane part moves along trolley rail in a vertical movement. Overhead crane moves along rail on factory, or rails of outdoor building site.

AQ-LD Type Single Girder Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes is widely used on factories such as machining, metallurgy, chemical engineering and unclear power. According to the difference of using occasions, overhead crane has different type models, like explosion proof crane, electromagnetic overhead crane, metallurgy crane. Divided by transporting and holding device, overhead cranes have hook type, grab overhead crane, metallurgy overhead for iron and steel industry, and hanging overhead crane. And all of this crane can be made into single girder or double girder cranes based on the rated capacity and working class you need.

AQ-QD Type Double Girder Overhead Crane

The monorail cranes are ideal for production processes that require lifting and moving products along a fixed path, such as painting processes, moving raw materials to workstations, or warehouse-to-warehouse transfer.If you want to buy a high quality overhead electric crane in the cheapest price, manufacturer is your best choice. You can contact us now, or to read the following introduction to have a better understanding.

AQ-HD Type European Style Overhead Crane

Steel Structure Of Overhead Monorail Crane

  • The main bridge of crane adopts welding box beam. To make sure the connection precision and depth of parallelism of end beam, surface of overhead crane end beam adopts optical calibration device to measure and do machine work.
  • The end beam of electric overhead crane adopts entrance welding box beam structure, and uses NC to process shape for one time.
  • Steel plate of main beam and each structure adopt shot blasting pretreatment, which can reach Sa2 standard. For the main beam of crane, our company adopts full-automatic CO2 shielded welding.
  • Main beam and end beam of crane use high strength bolt connection, which can provide end beam and main beam from welding deformation. Besides, high strength bolt is reliable and safe. Main beam welding employs automatic gas shielded welding, strict quality control system makes sure the quality of welding and the whole overhead crane. Steel material uses Q235B, and vertical deflection confirms to national standard of China.

Whole Structure Of Overhead Cranes

After the learning of steel structure of monorail crane, let’s have a look on the whole structure of machine. It’s structure advantages lie in six points:

  • Small extreme dimension, which can increase efficient working area.
  • Lower plant height, which can save construction cost.
  • Small in size, light self-weight and light wheel pressure.
  • Higher working class and longer service life.
  • Reasonable speed configuration and high efficiency.
  • Modular design.

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