Top Running Overhead Crane


Top running overhead crane consists of different kinds. Our single-girder overhead traveling cranes feature maximum rigidity and minimum dead weight. This maximizes crane runway loading and enables a more cost-effective building design and overall system solution.To make your purchase process easy and convenient, here are the hot sale single girder crane models divided by its advantage and using occasions.

Top running single girder overhead crane includes different types. You can choose AQ-LB, AQ-LD, AQ-LDZ and AQ-LDY overhead crane according to your need. The four type crane has the same structure. Lifting equipment consist of electric hoist, bridge structure, electricity unit and crane running structure.Excellent craning system is sought after, get this Single-girder crane that has widespread connection for maximum capacity to adapt to the localized conditions. The high position of its hook makes it possible for it to travel long and wide distances for appropriate handling of the industrial material.

AQ-LD top running crane type

AQ-LD electric overhead crane is the standard product of manufacture, if you have no special need about lifting occasion and environment. This crane can meet the need of daily objects transportation. This model crane matches with AQ-CD1 and AQ-MD1 electric hoist, which is cheap and of high quality. Contact us now to get one travelling crane.

AQ-LB top running crane type

Explosion proof single girder top running overhead crane. If you want to use an overhead crane in occasions full of explosive gas and dust, an explosion lifting equipment is a safe and cheap choice. This AQ-LB crane has similar structure as transitional lifting crane, except the electric hoist and configuration. AQ-LB explosive-proof overhead crane travelling crane uses stainless steel wheel or nylon wheel. The design aims to avoid spark by friction. Our company provides IIB and IIC class anti-explosion ability. Besides, this crane fits for environment temperature -20℃–+40℃.

This craning system comes with minimal hazards and complies with all safety clearances that are mandatory for crane top and factory roof. It has been designed with unique compactness that makes it easy to be maneuvered. The compact dimensions of the crane girders allows to make for the best possible use of its height and reachability. Its single girder allows it to be used in versatile adaptation pertaining to various space and dimensions.

AQ-LDY top running crane type

If you want to lift high temperature molten metal, AQ-LDY metallurgy overhead travelling crane is the best choice. This crane match with electric metallurgy hoist, with a heat proof plate, it can protect hoist unit from damage. Moreover, overhead crane structure and other electricity units adopt heat proof material. With those high class proof ability, AQ-LDY type crane can be used in high working class occasion.

AQ-LDZ top running crane type

AQ-LDZ electric overhead single girder crane belongs to light and medium transportation tool to lift and carry loose material. If you want to carry objects like sand, wasted material and grain. You can choose this one. And we will match grab bucket for your crane according to the material to be lifted.

Benefits of top running overhead crane

  • Reliable lifting solutions for operation and maintenance (dry and wet end)
  • Safe and reliable handling of full rolls
  • Return of empty cores to inventory
  • Precise handling for installation and removal of machine rollers
  • Innovative trolley design for maximum hook approach
  • Express load dependent lifting speed
  • Smart design enables lifting at variable speeds
  • Improved throughput with semiautomatic crane positioning system thanks to semi-automated operating sequences with destination positioning

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