Small Gantry Crane (1-5ton)


Small gantry crane can be disassembly into several segments for the convenience of shipping, and it is for sure that every two nodes are connected by high strength bolts for the sake of stable structure. As a leading gantry crane manufacturer, we are available to design different types of cranes and components for certain applications.

Small-size crane can also be named as mobile gantry crane, rolling gantry crane or portable gantry crane, just as its name implies, swivel casters are vital parts to help the small gantries move.

5ton portable gantry crane used in our customer’s workshop. Click the video to get details.

How to Build a Small Gantry Crane?

1. Lying the post brackets and beams on the ground, and connect them by bolts.
2. Using 16 special specification screws to connect casters and column bracket.
3. Erecting the assembled small cranes by forklift or hoist.
4. Adjusting the scaffolding to the appropriate location and installing the hoist or trolley in the I-beam of the gantry crane.

Small-Crane’s Hidden Danger in Production Process?

1. For the sake of making profits, some small gantry manufacturers neglect to set protective railings or safety shield as required.
2. Pulleys and wire rope are not in match with each other.
3. There are no drainage facility in the main parts of the structure which lead to the drop of the crane, thus doing harm to the verticality and stability of the crane.

Small Crane Design and Safety Protection

1. All our products compliant with security requirements.
2. Our Group masters cranes standard and specification, and strictly obeys and implements safety responsibility.
3. Our group lays stress on daily inspection and maintenance to cranes in order to ensure safe operation.
4. Resolutely eliminate illegal use and unprofessional operation.

Above all, due to its frequently using in the working occasions, security problems of small gantry cranes gradually became outstanding in the lifting works. We attach great importance to the safety operation of the crane for decades. All our products are manufactured and improved with high safety.

1 ton gantry crane is very popular with the customers who uses it in the small working occasions for the features of small lifting capacity and light dead weight. Due to its light lifting capacity, 1 ton gantry is often used with electric hoist or trolley to complete lifting works, besides, many of them are manual-operated and movable.

Owing a simple ordinary steel structure, the crane mainly used in the normal environment, if you need to use frame crane in the flammable, explosive, and corrosive conditions, please notice us to manufacture special material cranes. Moreover, cranes in customized weight can also be provided by our group, if you are required in other weight cranes, please let us know.

One Ton Crane Features

1. Easy to operate, install and maintain.
2. Light dead weight, small lifting capacity.
3. Movable and adjustable.
4. Compact structure and reasonable price.

Why Choose Our 1 Ton Crane?

1. The tire in one ton cranes are of multi-direction, abrasion resistance, easy-steering.
2. Light and durable, our products are of high-quality and high-safety.
3. With the braced structure on the top of the frame to ensure the safety and stability.
4. Widely used for positioning lifting operations in the garage, loading and unloading goods in the warehouses.

In conclusion, Aicrane supplier can provide first-class products with the most reasonable price and best appearance.

2 ton gantry crane is a kind of light lifting crane that is favored and applauded by the customers globally. Boasting first-class quality and reasonable price, 2 ton gantry in our company has been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc.

Cranes safety, as the most important factors that customers concerns about, can be definitely ensured by Aimix Group. All our products are strictly in accordance with the gantry crane design standards. If you are willing to find a reliable crane manufacturer in China, we are absolutely your superior choice.

 Advantages of Gantry Crane 2 Ton

1. Adopting to I-beam, realization of double effect of load-bearing and lateral track of hoist.
2. Made up of high-quality steel, I-beam, and customized special casters.
3. Compact structure and covers less areas.
4. Saving cost and enhance the working efficiency.

Safety Notice of 2t Crane

Our Company’s design of two ton gantries are of simple structure, excellent appearance, high-safety, flexible, and easy maintenance. With its low investing cost, the cranes are of high demand and high-popularity by the clients. We promise that each product passes strict inspection before delivery in order to ensure the safety of users.

3 ton gantry crane is composed of steel structure, electric organ, lifting parts, traveling mechanism, and special casters. For its own features, 3 ton gantry is often used in the small garages, workshops and other indoor and outdoor environments.

As the leader of crane industry, we mainly engage in designing and providing all weight of cranes between 0.5 ton and 200 ton, more information will be obtained by contacting us.

Features of Small Portable Crane

1. Compact structure, easy-operation, durable, flexible and light dead weight.
2. The height and span of the crane can be adjustable.
3. I-beam and legs of the crane are connected by high-strength bolt. Quick installation and release, and easy to maintain.
4. Widely used in the small workshops, warehouses, etc.

3 Ton Crane Considerations in Our Factory

1. Keeping parallel stability when moving portable 3 ton cranes, no-distortion of the crane.
2. No-standing under the lifting hoist, gantry crane 3 ton ensures the operator’s safety.
3. Strictly prohibit overload application, so as to extend service lifetime.

What is Small Cranes Used For?

It is widely used outdoor and indoor situations to lift light-weight goods and materials. Especially suited to the garages for installing, transporting, debugging of the equipment, goods-loading and unloading in the cars, hoisting large-scale engine in the automobile repairmen workshop, etc. Goes with the electric hoist or other trolleys, it is favored and applauded among customers for its own advantages.

By providing high-quality crane products with competitive price, we enjoys a high reputation in the same industry, and our products has been exported to many countries.

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