120 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane


Rubber tyred gantry crane (RTG crane) is designed and enhanced by its features of heavy-duty lifting, fast speed, high working class and high-efficiency. Just as its name implies, the crane moves by rubber tire, which increases the crane’s moving scope and practicability.

With the rapid development of the harbor and shipyard, the container gantry crane became more and more popular by loading and unloading goods and container. Compared with traditional cranes, rubber tired gantry is a kind of innovation, for it can achieve horizontal movement and vertical movement at the same time.

Features of rubber tire crane

1. It can achieve multiple directional and flexible motion.
2. Easy automotive operation and loading.
3. Compact structure with saving construction cost.
4. High efficient with high safety factor.

Our company’s design of rubber gantry crane

With so many advantages, rubber tired gantry cranes (RTG cranes) are widely favored and highly appreciated for its maneuvering capabilities in large storage. However, almost all of the motors have been changed into the diesel engines in order to speed up, thus subsequently causes the waste of resources and energy consumption.

Owing the advanced technology and high-class team, Aimix group is a professional gantry crane manufacturer that provides the solutions of green RTG system and RMG cranes with energy-saving and lower cost, thus protecting the environment and decrease the noise emissions.

Besides, Aicrane supplier can also provide free installation and maintenance to the clients. Excellent after-sale service can be guaranteed so as to be convenient to the customers.

Advanced technics of rubber tyred gantry crane

The combination of advanced technology and professional attitude makes our enterprise grow stronger and gain recognition in the industry.

1. Hybrid synergy drive system and energy recovery system.

When the equipment are in normal operation, our rubber tyred gantries are driven by electricity, while driven by diesel engine when the equipment are transferred.

2. GCP&IEM remote monitoring and diagnostic system.
This system can helps our technician carry on the technical support and enhance the efficiency. Besides. GCP&IEM system can also process statistics analysis of data, trouble diagnosis, capacity management, condition monitoring and data storage, which can provides data protection for equipment maintenance.

3. Independent frequency conversion anti-rolling system that we improved increased efficiency of box.

4. Electromotive jack-up technique of trolley are efficient in reducing the friction between wheels and ground, therefore improving the service life and easing of maintenance.

5. Improved by our professional technicians, automatic deviation rectification technology of the cart can efficiently enhance the safety of the machine and increase its lifetime.

6. Articulated steel structure are available to increase the stiffness of the cart and decrease its dead weight, which makes the whole set in

Summary of rubber tired gantry crane

With its heavy-duty characteristics and its high working class, rubber tyred gantry crane is widely used in many working occasions, especially in the container port and rail yards.

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