Rail Mounted Gantry Crane


The video shows the rail mounted gantry crane running on our customer’s work site, the crane is lifting and moving the container, click to watch now.

Rail mounted gantry crane (RMG crane) is widely used for loading and unloading containers in the container port and rail yards. Consisting of steel frame, hoisting mechanism, minimum slewing mechanism, spreader anti-shaking mechanism, crane travel mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, container spreader, electrical equipment and other accessory equipment for safety, rail crane is the result of high-efficient development of gantry crane.

Taking box-shaped steel structure in the crane, the whole set are of strong rigidity and high-safety, but in order to decrease the dead light and external resistance, some cranes take truss structure instead, truss structures of the cranes are usually of high production costs. You can choose any of them according to your needs. We will serve for you with all sincerity.

Characteristics of Rail Container Gantry Crane

1. Lower lifting speed and higher crane running speed.According to the demand of container yard, the lifting height of rail type container gantry crane is determined by stacking three over four or stacking four over five. Because the lifting height is not high, the lifting speed is relatively low. However, the length of the container yard is generally long along the running track direction. In order to achieve a certain productivity, the crane runs at a high speed.

2. The running speed of the trolley can be determined according to the span of the bridge and the extension distance of both ends. When the span and cantilever length are small, the running speed and productivity requirements of the trolley can be relatively small. When the span is large and the length of the cantilever is large, the running speed of the trolley can be correspondingly increased to meet the productivity requirements.

3. When the span is more than 40m, due to the different running resistance of the legs on both sides of the gantry, there will be offset during the high-speed operation of the gantry. Therefore, a synchronization device is set to keep the running speed of the running mechanisms on both sides synchronized through the electrical control system.

4. In order to meet the higher requirements, the electric drive control system adopts thyristor DC or AC speed regulating drive control system to achieve better speed control and control performance.

Comparison of RTG Crane and Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

1. The former moves by rubber tire, while rail cranes move by gantry rail. They all belong to the container cranes.
2. The RMG crane is superior in stacking height.
3. Compared with RTG cranes, container rail type crane can reach a precision control in positioning the stack box.
4. Better anti-rolling performance and steel construction force.
5. Generally, RTG cranes are equipped with diesel engines to generate electricity while RMG cranes are fully electrified cranes. Fully automated RMG cranes are known as Automated Stacking Cranes. (ASC)

The Advantages&Innovation of RMG model Cranes

The RMG crane can enhance its loading capacity when increasing the number of wheels, so this kind of crane can be featured of heavy-duty lifting works.
Boasting a number of international leading core technology, rail gantry in our company performs excellent and is well-received by the clients globally. And this kind of container gantry crane is used for lifting the heavy-duty containers.

1. Firstly, we improved container automatically track and box system, thus raising working efficiency and reducing labor intensity on the premise of operator’s safety. It makes this kind of container crane become more efficient than others.

2. Secondly, we take over the independent frequency conversion anti-rolling system on the analysis of container’s weight, lifting height and anti-rolling length of wire ropes, and achieved bidirectional stabilizer function of the spreader by controlling the torque of every anti-rolling wire ropes and motors, thus greatly raised operational efficiency.

3. Thirdly, we have adopted the advanced intelligent deceleration system, which can lower the dash of the equipment and promote its longevity.

4. Forth, GCP&IEM remote monitoring and diagnostic system helps to realize the global diagnose of the equipment and became much easier in maintenance.

5. Besides, intelligent cart deviation rectification technology is available to avoid the “Track Biting” phenomenon of the cart, which can slow the wear of wheels and rails, therefore, improving service life of equipment.

6. What’s more, inhibiting voltage fluctuation of reactive power by taking related compensation plane and real time detection.

7. In addition, we apply the industry-specific overloading frequency conversion equipment to maintain its acceleration and deceleration characters of the organ.

8. Last but not least, the rail-mount cranes that we designed are in good appearances and with compact structures, they all merges with advanced industrial design principle and looks stable and simple in visual.

Our Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes Design and Strengths

Recently, rail-mounted type crane gained in popularity for its strengths, as the pillar enterprise of cranes, high-class quality products and a sound one-stop service can be guaranteed if you chose Aicrane brand.

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