Overhead Crane Commissioning and Running


Structure of overhead cranes

Like heavy duty overhead crane and common capacity crane, this small crane consists of bridge structure, transitional unit of crane span structure, trolley with lifting mechanism, operating cabin, trolley conductive device and crane conductive device.

Crane span structure

As the basic unit of an overhead crane, crane span structure includes main beam, end beam and walking broad. The main beam is across over factory, and it has different structure style like box shape, truss, web and round tube. End beams are connecting with main beam on each side of span structure. Walking broad with safety barrier on the outside of main beam. Then, on one side, it has crane transitional unit, while the other side has power system for trolley, also called auxiliary sliding. There are guide trial for trolley to walk. Under the driven power of bridge structure, the whole crane moves along rail on the wall of factory.

Transitional unit

Driven motor, transmission shaft, coupling, reducer, wheel and brake make up of the transitional structure. This crane prat has two assemble ways, one is centralized driving, and the other one is separate driving. The former one means that a motor arrive two capstan through retarding mechanism. The later one stands that two motor drive two capstan respectively, which makes the crane has light self-weight, and easy to install and operate. After times practice, manufacturer prefers to adopt separate driving method to give you a better user experience.

Overhead crane trolley

This crane part are installed on rail of bridge structure, which can move along the rails of factory. Crane trolley is made up of trolley frame, transitional unit and lifting device.

Crane lifting unit

This part includes lifting motor, reducer, drum, brake and crane hook. Lifting device connects drum tied with wire rope through coupling, brake wheel and reducer. And the other side of wire rope is installed with hook, when drum turning, hook will descend and raise following as well. For overhead crane that has capacity loads over 15 tons, we will prepare two lifting device, namely, main hook and secondary hook. The former one for heavy duty objects, and the rest one for light duty loads.

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