Mobile Boat Hoist


As a professional and reliable travel lift manufacturer in China, we provide different types of boat hoists for sale, such as heavy-duty travel lift, light-duty travel lift, port used small travel lift boat crane, travel lift for water sport meetings, aquatics clubs, voyages, safe driving steady travel lift, factory price travel lift for sale, ISO approval marine boat hoist, remote control travel lifts, cabin control travel lifts and rubber tyre mobile travel lift boat hoist.

The Applications Of Boat Hoist

Marine travel lifts are mainly used for port, transporting boat, lifting and maintaining boat.

This kind of boat cranes have large capacity, it can handle different tons boats (10t-1200t) from the shore side. It can be used for the maintenance on the shore side or can put new boat inside the water.

Features Of Mobile Boat Hoist

1. For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, it can also steer in 90 degree, put the boat in any designed position according to requirements.

2. It can adjust the width of the main girder according to the boat in case to handling different side boat.

3. This hoist own the performance of low expense, high performance, easy to operate and maintain.

4. Low cost on the daily operation, it adopts the soft and firm belt to ensure there is no harm to the boat when hoisting.

5. It can make the boat in order quickly, it can also adjust the gap between each boat according different condition.

Advantages of Aicrane Boat Hoist

1. Electro-hydraulic drive system

2. Full frequency conversion

3. Smooth, easy speed control

4. Safe system for boat transfer

5. Dismountable design for transportation

6. Torque indicator and monitor

7. Full sets of safety limit system

8. Professional technology, strict producing standards

All our mobile boat cranes have steady performance and affordable price. Our marine travel lifts have been exported to many countries and regions, and have won high praise and trust from our customers. Many customers purchase mobile travel lift cranes from us for many times. Reasonable design, great quality, factory price, Aicrane is a cost-effective choice for you. For details of our mobile boat cranes, just contact us anytime you need.

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