Indoor Overhead Crane


Indoor overhead crane is crane device that used inside your factories. Basically, it is suitable for overhead crane to be placed inside factory, because it needs bridge supporting structure to prop up. You can choose different types of electric overhead crane based on what material you are going to carry and the object capacity. For example, if you want to transport light duty objects, a single girder crane is suitable, while if you plan to carry heavy duty material, you better choice a double girder crane. You can lift loads weight for 1 ton, 5 ton, 15 ton, 30 ton,  50 ton, etc. Our company provides you customized exceptional crane as well.

Moreover, you can choose different crane hoist trolley for your bridge crane, if you want to carry high temperature loads, try a metallurgy overhead crane. And if you transport material on explosive dust and steam environment, an explosive proof indoor crane is the best choice. Want to buy a crane with a famous brand? Then you come the right place, follow the guide to choose the overhead lifting equipment you need.

Features Of Indoor Overhead Crane

As a reputable crane brand, our group provides you sort of overhead crane equipment. All crane you can choose a single girder type or a double girder travelling crane. The difference between single girder and double girder crane is their crane structure and rated capacity. Here manufacturer gives brief introduction of the performance and ability of types of crane used in different occasion.
If you have no special need for transport loads, common single girder or double girder crane can meet the need of your daily transporting. However, if your factory has special need for overhead cranes, we will design your own lifting equipment.

Firstly, let’s see the metallurgy overhead crane equipment. As a necessary lifting equipment and machine, metallurgy crane can match with flame proof hoist to lifting loads. It is the necessary lifting crane for modern industry, especially for metallurgy and casting occasions. The top running cranes system consist of three parts bridge structure, metallurgy electric hoist and electrical system. Each one overhead crane part has unique function. Bridge steel structure is used for supporting and moving loads. And metallurgy hoist takes responsibility to hoist and transporting loads in a vertical movement. AQ-LDY model overhead crane adopts flame proof system, for wire rope, this crane takes rope that has high thermostability. All electrical system use heat insulation protection measures.

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