Heavy Duty Gantry Crane (40t/50t/70t/80t/100t/up to 500t)


Heavy duty gantry crane refers to the cranes which can bear relatively heavier loading capacity compared with the light gantry. Owing high working class, heavy cranes are not only used for handling containers, but also suitable to lift bulk cargoes.

Our factory can produce two types of heavy-duty cranes, they are box-shaped cranes and truss structure cranes. With different structures and designs, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Comparison of Box-shaped Gantry Crane and Truss Cranes

1. Box-shaped crane, which is welded by steel plate, is of high strength and large tonnage.
2. The wind resistant ability of box-shaped crane is poor, and this kind of crane is expensive.
3. The truss structure crane is light in dead weight, and of strong wind-resistance ability.
4. Truss crane is of small lifting capacity, its and its solder joint is not easy for maintain.

40 ton gantry crane is used for lifting goods and materials which weight are not exceed 40 tons, as its name implies. Usually, this weight of cranes are made into double girder type crane for the reason of improving the rigidity and safety.

Our company can provide single girder cranes with no more than 20 ton, and customized double-girder crane less than 320 ton, semi-crane, rubber tired gantry crane and rail mounted gantry crane etc. Specializing in cranes for so many years, we have developed into a leading team in China, with integrating and opening enterprise culture, we embrace the customers from all over the world to cooperate with us.

Features of 40 Ton Crane in Aimix Group

1. The steel structure of crane 40 ton can be manufactured into two types, box-shaped type and truss structure.
2. General working class, reliable structure.
3. Contains flexible leg and rigid leg at both sides.
4. Two modes of power supply, cable reels and slip line.
5. Rapid manufacturing and shipping with promising first-class quality and safety.

How to Ensure 40 Ton Cranes Safety?

1. Inspecting the crane’s structure and components routinely to ensure normal operation.
2. Operators should operate the crane according to the rules strictly.
3. Do regular maintenance and training in order to lengthen service life.

Our Group would help the customers inspect and maintain the machine periodically, excellent after-sale service is the aim and feature of our company.

50 ton gantry crane, manufactured by our Group, is designed for handling materials in-and-out door. Equipped with double-girder structure, 50 ton crane must bear less than 50 ton weight for safety factor. Through going vertical movement by electric hoist and going horizontal movement by rails, the crane is of high-efficiency and saving space.

For security reasons, we mainly provide gantry type crane 50 ton with appropriate span unless requested by customers. On one side, crane’s large span is good to extend the moving distance and improve the efficiency, on the other side, over-sized span may causes decreasing the height of whole set when handling goods.

70 ton gantry crane belongs to one of heavy-duty cranes that provided by Aimix Group. Besides, possessing advanced technologies and a group of professional engineers and technicians, 0.5~320 tonnage cranes with different structures can also be supplied by our company.

Why Choose 70 Ton Crane from Our Group?

1. 70 tonnage cranes in Aimix is of smooth operating and high-safety.
2. Low noise and compact structure.
3. High-efficiency with large loading capacity.
4. Simple system to operate, and excellent services to clients.
5. Applying to advanced technology and high-level components.

In conclusion, 70 ton cranes must be strictly operated in safe environment, what’s more, inspection and maintenance should be done routinely no matter how expensive you bought.

75 ton gantry crane is used for handling heavy-duty materials, which is similar to 70 ton gantries and 80 ton cranes. High working class of 75 ton crane reflects two features of high load-up condition and high busyness.

We set a high value on the maintenance of the crane. In order to lengthen cranes lifetime, our engineers and technicians attempts a lot. And we finally developed some unique technologies benefited by mutual discussion and kinds of efforts.

The Reasons of Leakage in Speed Reducer

1. Unreasonable design of manufacturer.
2. Limited processing technology causing the insufficient contact of the box.
3. Inadequate maintenance of operators.

How to Prevent 75 Ton Crane Speed Reducer from Leakage?

1. 75 ton cranes suppliers should optimize its design and improve the workmanship.
2. Put air-breather in the organ and to keep smooth of internal and external pressures.
3. Inspecting air-vent, oil quantity, box, and other components routinely.

75 tonnage crane in our company is of high-quality and reasonable price.

80 ton gantry crane by Aimix Group is deeply accepted by customers globally with novel structure and reasonable price, and it has been exported to many different countries and places such as Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

With the most professional attitude and technology, our Group aims to be the leading name of cranes in China, we promise to provide best solutions and one-stop services to customers, it is our great honor to invite our friends from all over the world to cooperate with us.

Features of 80 Ton Crane

1. Smooth starting and stopping
2. High performance and high-efficiency.
3. Adopting to advanced and world-class materials and components.
4. Reasonable and reliable structure.
5. Low noise and energy-saving.

Why Choose 80 Ton Cranes in Aicrane Supplier?

1. High-quality customized products with rapid shipment.
2. One year warranty for the machine, and free for training and maintenance lifetime.
3. Rain cover of the trolley can be provided by our factory to protect the electric system from wet.
4. Technical advisory at any time.

With years of development, our Company has accumulated rich experiences in cranes, and we focus on establishing long-term relationships with customers from all over the world in mutual beneficial and win-win cooperating aim. Our heavy duty gantry cranes can be with A-shape or U-shape as needed, and the lifting capacity of the crane can be up to 500ton to meet various work requirements. For a reliable gantry crane solutions, just contact us to get details of our products.

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