AQ-HD 10ton Overhead Travelling Crane to Uzbekistan

Watch the video of Aicrane 10ton overhead crane installed in Uzbekistan for our clients!

European single girder overhead travelling crane adopts unique design, which has light dead weight, small limited size and wheel pressure. Compared to traditional single beam overhead crane, hook of this European crane has smallest extreme distance, it can reach ground closer than common cranes. And this crane suits for low headroom workshop, and it can lift higher, which increase the effective space of your industry.

Features of European overhead travelling crane

This crane has perfect design and configuration, the working class of this equipment can reach A5. Europe type single girder crane uses ABM three in one lifting motor; running motor adopts ABB or SEW motor; Schneider electric appliance and frequency converter; wire rope also adopts high quality and famous brand, you can choose the brand you want. If you want to save cost, you can choose another brands for crane parts, and make-in-China cranes parts can save you 20% cost.

No matter which configuration you choose, Europe single girder crane has light weight and less wheel pressure. Moreover, new workshop can design smaller and has more functions. With a small workshop, you can save first stage investment, and for long term air condition and maintenance fee, you can save more money.

To match with Europe overhead travelling crane, our firm also provides you Europe type electric hoist, you can choose chain hoist and wire rope hoist. Europe type hoist belongs to low headroom equipment, and it has good safety performance. With Europe hoist and crane work together can save more space and especially suits for low headroom industry.

Choose reputable overhead travelling crane manufacturer

Europe type overhead crane has high quality and cheap price, using it you can save both time and money. And if you have any extra requirement, tell us when send your inquiry. All parameters of both overhead crane and electric hoist accept your customized options. Contact us now for free quote.

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