Gantry Cranes Used Indoors and Outdoors


Indoor gantry crane includes heavy-duty cranes and small cranes that used in the indoor environment, small cranes usually refer to the portable cranes which dead weight is light, and easily for move, while the heavy-duty cranes mainly used for lifting weighty goods.

Our Group has been engaged in the cranes career for decades, our aim is to provide best solutions and services to customers and help them lifting their careers as we thought at the beginning. Our desired objective is to establish and achieve mutual beneficial and win-win cooperating relationships to the enterprises across the world.

Option of Indoor Gantry Crane

1. Our factory adopts to high-configuration of the crane by using of advanced design and keeping reliable and reasonable structure of the traditional parts.
2. Realize safety power supply by strengthening equipment management.
3. Reliability and safety can be improved by setting up a second safety device in hoisting mechanism if it is required.
4. New I-beam track cables conductive device are used in the trolley to increase the safety.
5. Operating mode can be chosen to work in the cab or on the ground.

Indoor cranes that our company manufactured are of high-level and reasonable price, some of the light duty crane can also be called as garage gantry crane or shop gantry crane.

Outdoor gantry crane is often designed and improved with good performance of wind resistance ability. By its features of high-utility, large working range, and versatile functions, outdoor cranes enjoy high reputation in the world.

Classified by working occasions, gantry type crane can be divided into indoor crane and outdoor crane . Besides, our company runs the business of all kinds of overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, and electric hoist for years. Centered “people oriented, business integrity” as business principle, our company aim to provide satisfactory service to customers.

High Configuration of Outdoor Gantry Cranes

1. Taking the world-class wire rope on lifting device, high safety factor and long service time.
2. Hot-rolled pulley with high strength and good appearance.
3. Brake with large power and small volume, easy to adjust, and quick response.
4. Coupling is of good performance of damping and buffering.
5. The cab is firm in structure and spacious, simple operation.

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