High-quality Foundry Crane


Foundry crane, also call casting overhead crane. This crane is designed to hoist molten metal of high temperature, and use widely on foundry industry, the working environment is high heat, full of dust, high working class A7, or even reaches A8 class.

All the features makes foundry cranes have a better performance and reliability than common bridge overhead cranes. The reason why is that if casting overhead crane has any problem, the lost and consequence may be more serious.

Features of foundry overhead crane

The duty of casting overhead crane is topple and fall molten metal and waste residue of those metal. So a foundry crane has to have a set of main hook and a secondary hook. For lifting device, each power device should install at least two break system. Besides, safety factor of each break system should no less than 1.25.

In addition, for lifting device that has particularly high safety requirement, winch drum should install with safety break machine in case of danger for broken break system.

Moreover, for wire rope used on casting foundry crane, excellent overhead crane manufacturer adopts heat resisting independent wire strand. And traditional hemp center wire line is not allowed assembling on this foundry equipment. Besides, safety requirement of wire rope of casting crane is higher than other cranes. On hook unit and hoisting beam should adopt necessary safety protection device to protect liquid steel from damaging wire rope.

Because of foundry overhead crane mainly transport liquid steel of high temperature, so under the main beam should add thermal-protective coating to reduce the heat influence to main beam. At the same time, excellent adds a flame proof plate on hoist trolley, the design aiming at protecting electrical system and unit from flame erosion.

Foundry overhead equipment is the specialist device among all kinds of overhead cranes. Excellent designs and produces this crane according to national standard seriously to make sure you have a safety and easy operate machine.

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