Electric Overhead Travelling Crane


Electric overhead travelling crane is one of the most popular transporting travelling cranes in modern industry. The electrical crane is able to lift up loads under 320 tons, and its span length can be more than 35 meters. Such heavy duty and durable travelling crane device is the perfect solution for your onerous transporting tasks on assorted occasion.

Basically, The electric overhead travelling cranes can be made into single girder travelling cranes and double girders overhead travelling cranes. The biggest difference between them is the rated capacity. Double girder type EOT crane can carry more heavy loads than single girder type. The manufacturer is the expert in overhead crane business, in order to benefit your purchasing process, here are the brief introduction of overhead travelling cranes.

Single Girder EOT Crane

The picture below is the best sale single girder overhead travelling crane, AQ-LD model crane. This standard crane lifts loads under 20 ton, and works in A3 or A4 class industry. If you have any special need about travelling electric crane, just contact us to get a free and detail advise.

Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder EOT cranes can be installed with grab bucket, electric hoist trolley or any other auxiliary overhead crane assembly to lift heavy and large duty material. If you want to use crane in harsh environment, for example high heat industry, contact us with details, so you can get a brief and professional advice.

Features Of Overhead Travelling Crane

This overhead bridge travelling crane has compact structure, light self-weight, and cheap price, for this advantages, it is used in machinery plant, garage, hydroelectric power drill repair occasion to carry common lifting and transporting task. Electric overhead crane suits for industrial environment between 25~40℃. And it cannot be used on plant that has explosion hazard, active gas and fire risk.

Special building characteristics often require a special crane design. The overhead travelling cranes provide an optimal solution where the building structures make the normal travelling cranes less suitable. The main feature is that the crane track is not fastened to pillars but to the ceiling of the building. Over and above these special requirements the overhead travelling crane offers the advantage of very small trolley approach dimensions and as a result an optimal utilization of the building width.

Electric System Of Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

To make you have a better understanding of overhead crane, there are the brief introduction of its system.

Overview of Overhead Crane Electric System

No matter single girder overhead travelling cane or double girder electric crane, crane adopts frequency converter to control speed. For the start, speed control and reserving brake of different crane parts, our firm uses remote control and ground control button box to operate. Electronic control system makes sure master controller of crane mechanism from slow speed to fast speed, or from fast speed to stop. When master controller controls drive motor from stop to reserving starting, electric system can make sure motor from fast speed to slow speed stably. This system reduces the start times of overhead crane, and improves the service life and reliability.

Working Condition of Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes

Major loop and control loop of electric system of driver cabin should be 380V, 48V, 50 HZ.
Major loop and control loop of electric system of floor control should be 380V, 48V, 50 HZ.

Electronic Control Equipment Working Conditions:

  • Under altitude 2000 meters.
  •  Temperature between -25℃ to +40℃.
  •  Fluctuation of electric network should limit in ±10%.
  • Relative humidity is no more than 85%.
  • Working occasion of this crane should be rain proof, snow proof and steam proof.
  • If you have specially need of your crane, or some working occasion cannot confirm to the requirement, tell us when you contacting.

Electrical Equipment

As we all know that the running of different part of overhead crane is controlled by remote control or floor control box. The electrical cabinet is installed on the bridge structure near end beam, and inside it are the controller of different overhead crane parts. There are the brief introduction of main electrical equipment:

The first is joint control table, which can control the launch, speed change, reversing, brake and stop of translation and hoisting mechanism. Secondly, this overhead travelling crane adopts centralized control, which is used to protect motor from overload. This design can provide power for lighting circuit.

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