10ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane UAE


  Aicrane 10ton rubber tyred gantry crane UAE shown in the video is being tested in the factory before delivery to the work site. The gantry crane will be used indoors for maintenance of valves. UAE is one of our important markets and we have exported many crane products there and our customers are satisfied … Read more

Aicrane 60 ton winch Indonesia


  The 60 ton winch Indonesia shown in the video is our JMM slow speed winch used as slipway winch for handling ships out of water for maintenance or other operations. This type of winch has good quality, long service life, good performance, reasonable price and wide applications. We are professional and experienced in winch … Read more

Aicrane QDX 10 ton Overhead Crane in Kazakhstan


  One of our reputed customer from Kasakhstan purchased an overhead crane from our company, the crane is our AQ-QDX type double girder 10ton overhead crane, the 10 ton crane is used for handling steel coil. This type of overhead crane has the following features: wide applications, reasonable design, good quality, long service life and … Read more

AQ-LD 16ton Overhead Crane for Sale Kazakhstan


One of our customers from Kazakstan purchased our AQ-LD type 16ton single girder overhead crane and the overhead crane has been installed and used in their workshop now. This type of single girder crane features reasonable design, easy installation and operation, wide applications, low noise, good work performance, reasonable price and long service life. As … Read more

30 ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria


The video show our AQ-NLH type 30 ton overhead crane in Nigeria, the overhead crane is European standard crane, which has the following advantages: high quality, excellent work performance, small wheel pressure, reasonable design, long service life and competitive price. We provide various types of overhead cranes mainly include single girder overhead crane, double girder … Read more

AQ-BMH 5ton Gantry Crane Installed in Nigeria


One of our customers from Nigeria ordered a semi gantry crane for heavy materials handling in their workshop, after communicating with the customers and knowing well about their requirements on the crane, we recommended the European standard AQ-BMH 5ton gantry crane to meet their work needs. The 5 ton gantry crane works with the European electric hoist … Read more

10 Ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria


10 ton overhead crane installed and used in our customer’s work place – Nigeria! Click the video now! 10 ton overhead crane of our group is sold all over the world, and it wins good reputation for our manufacturer. You may want to know more brief information about this 10 ton bridge crane equipment. Follow … Read more

NLH European Type Overhead Crane for Our Nigerian Client

High quality European standard overhead crane designed for our client from Nigeria! The crane works reliably now! As the new designed lifting device, this European type overhead crane has the following advantages: Lighter self-weight and roller pressure. Which makes it the first choice for transport loads. Short limit size, which can prolong the running track … Read more

Double Girder Overhead Crane Used in Chile

Heavy duty double girder overhead crane used by our customers in Chile! Watch the Video! This kind of double girder overhead crane adapts to mine, factory, warehouse indoor and outdoor for general loading, unloading and transferring work. To suit different work requirements, the overhead cranes are designed with different styles and configurations on request. Electric … Read more