AQ-HD 10ton Overhead Travelling Crane to Uzbekistan

Watch the video of Aicrane 10ton overhead crane installed in Uzbekistan for our clients! European single girder overhead travelling crane adopts unique design, which has light dead weight, small limited size and wheel pressure. Compared to traditional single beam overhead crane, hook of this European crane has smallest extreme distance, it can reach ground closer … Read more

5ton Double Girder Gantry Crane Installed in UAE

AQ-MG 5ton double girder gantry crane for our Clients from UAE! Check the video for the installation of the cane! 5 ton gantry crane, similar to other light-duty cranes, is made up of basic gantry type crane structures and two quiet casters with brakes, and the casters can achieve poly-directional movement. According to its own … Read more

AQ-NLX 5ton Underhung Crane in Uzbekistan

Click for the vidieo of our 5ton underhung crane running in our customer’s workshop! Single girder underhung crane, also called suspension overhead bridge. Unlike traditional crane, this equipment get rid of limit of ceiling height. This crane can hang from ceiling and transport heavy objects without the support of bridge supporting structure. The hanging overhead … Read more