AQ-NLX 5ton Underhung Crane in Uzbekistan

Click for the vidieo of our 5ton underhung crane running in our customer’s workshop!

Single girder underhung crane, also called suspension overhead bridge. Unlike traditional crane, this equipment get rid of limit of ceiling height. This crane can hang from ceiling and transport heavy objects without the support of bridge supporting structure. The hanging overhead single girder crane especially suits for low headroom factory.

This hanging AQ-LX model crane confirms to national standard of China, it usually matches with AQ-CD and AQ-MD electric hoist. If you want a high quality and durable hoist, AQ-ND type European hoist is a better choice. If you have any extra requirements of crane, any customized options are available;

Generally speaking, this underhung crane has a better performance on A3 or A5 working class occasions; pay attention to not use hanging single girder hanging overhead cranes on explosive-gas occasion, if you want a explosion proof crane, Our firm provides you AQ-LB type crane, this crane can be used on occasions full of explosive gas and steam.

Workshop single girder hanging overhead crane

Workshop single girder hanging overhead crane is the new type single beam crane, this crane also called AQ-LX model of manufacturer. The design of AQ-LX overhead crane confirms to JB2603-94 Standard of Electric Single Girder Overhead Crane. Rated load of this equipment is 0.5-10 ton, the running speed is 20m/min or 30 m/min.

Features of workshop hanging overhead crane

Unlike traditional single girder overhead crane, this crane is hanging from ceiling, and it requires no bridge supporting structure. This overhead crane design can reach a higher lifting height than traditional single girder equipment. Besides, end beam has shortest distance, which means end beam can get closer to wall, and the objects and material have a longer range. Standard span is 3-16 meters; When using this crane, the working environment temperature should be in -25℃~45℃; and relative humidity no more than 85%.

As new type device to meet the need of modern workshop, this single girder overhead crane has compact structure; and it is of high strength; low noise; environment friendly; safe and reliable. For its advantages, this equipment can be used on industry and mining enterprises, warehouse and yard.

Elements Options

  • End carriages with horizontal guide rollers to accomodate unique runway requirements.
  • Limit switches or slack rope relays protect the hoist and load from damage
  • Zone control system prevents collisions with obstacles along the trolley and bridge travel paths
  • Anti-collision protection and crane distance controls ensure the safe operation of several cranes on one runway

Why choose AQ-LX underhung crane?

There are many advantages of single girder cranes. Firstly, you can get a high quality overhead crane in cheap price, and the crane is compact, high strength, easy operate, low noise, and less pollution, moreover, the hanging crane has smallest limit space, which means your loads can be lifted and carried a longer distance Then, our firm provides you professional service, if you want any advice about an overhead crane, we will gives you best plan both saving cost and getting high strength product.

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