5ton Double Girder Gantry Crane Installed in UAE

AQ-MG 5ton double girder gantry crane for our Clients from UAE! Check the video for the installation of the cane!

5 ton gantry crane, similar to other light-duty cranes, is made up of basic gantry type crane structures and two quiet casters with brakes, and the casters can achieve poly-directional movement. According to its own characteristics, 5 ton crane is also known as portable gantries or mobile gantries.

How to install 5-ton cranes? We can provide detailed instructions and training to the customers, and our skilled technicians can also help them to install the machine if it is requested by the clients.

One of our clients from UAE ordered a gantry crane from our company, after knowing well about the client’s detailed requirements on the crane, we designed and produced 5 ton double girder hoist gantry crane to meet all our client’s work needs.

Now the installation and testing of the crane has been completed for the client and the 5 ton gantry crane can be put into work anytime the client needs to greatly improve the work efficiency. Except for double girder gantry crane, we also provide single girder crane, semi gantry crane, truss gantry crane, protable gantry crane, RTG crane, RTM crane, container gantry crane etc.
If you have any need of the gantry crane, just contact us as you need and we will reply you soon after we get your email.

Features of gantry crane 5 ton

1. Easy to operate, flexible rotation, large working space, and small space consumption.
2. Low investment cost, simple and reasonable structure.
3. Convenient assembly and disassembly.
4. Easy to maintain and long service lifetime.

What is 5 ton crane used for?

5 ton cranes are designed and improved by our Company to satisfy the needs of handling equipment, warehouse shipping, lifting and repairing machines, and material-transporting in routine production.
It suits to the working occasions of mold manufacturing and installations, garages, mines, and construction sites, etc.
Due to its low-operation cost, high-efficiency, practicability, simple and compact structure, 5 ton type cranes are greatly welcomed by the customers from all over the world.

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