30 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale


30 ton gantry crane is used for carrying goods and materials in different occasions, just like 15 ton crane, 20 ton gantry, and other middle-sized crane, it is assembled with reels to move.

Adopting to international advanced standards, 30 ton crane is of novel structure, good technology and appearance, flexible operation, safe and reliable factors.

Covering more than 86000 square meters areas and six wholly owned subsidiaries, our Company is engaged in providing solutions and services of cranes and winches. And all our products have obtained production licenses by State Quality Inspection Administration.

How to inspect 30 ton cranes?

1. Check some parts before going lifting works, such as hoisting height limiter, lead limit switch, and interlocking mechanism, and ensure the safety.
2. Ensure that the hook, bracket and pulley are no obvious defects.
3. There are no obvious wear in the surface of the steel wire rope.
4. No crack, no loose in brakes.

Through daily inspection of gantry crane 30 ton, the accidents and hidden danger would be greatly decrease, besides, efficiency would be enhanced to its lifting works.

Rubber tyred 30 ton gantry crane can be widely used to handle different kinds of materials from one work cell to another, if you need such a crane solution for your business or project, please feel free to contact us for the suitable and reliable crane products.

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