10 Ton Overhead Crane in Nigeria


10 ton overhead crane installed and used in our customer’s work place – Nigeria! Click the video now!

10 ton overhead crane of our group is sold all over the world, and it wins good reputation for our manufacturer. You may want to know more brief information about this 10 ton bridge crane equipment. Follow the guide and pick up one crane suits for your factory best to raise labor efficiency largely.

Different from gantry crane and jib crane, overhead crane is support by supporting structure cross ceiling of your factory. This crane seems like a bridge, so it also call overhead bridge. It consists of bridge steel structure, running trolley and electricity unit. Overhead crane carrying ten tons loads can be made into single girder type and double girder crane according to crane girder. While you choose crane by using occasion, our firm provides you metallurgy overhead crane, grab overhead crane and electric hook hoist crane. 

Features of 10 ton overhead crane

As 10 ton overhead cranes have many types and models, there manufacturer will show you two featured model. Both of them belong to high standard overhead crane, the first type is single girder 5 tons crane. And the second one is double girder overhead crane. To give you a better understanding, our firm shows you the advantages, rated loads, capacity respectively.

Single girder 10 ton overhead  crane

As the new time lifting device, single girder hook crane has the advantages as following:

1. Light self-weight, low wheel pressure, small limit size. All the features make it a convenient and necessary equipment of material transporting occasions.

2. Less cost. This is an attractive benefit for al buyers. Less wheel pressure and low limit size low down the early stage investment of plants, besides, the cost of light and warm can be saved at the same time.

3. The products are of high performance and durable. All the crane parts adopt high strength steel. Which low down the maintenance fee for further time.

This type of overhead crane uses advanced technology to guarantee automatic welding. Lastly, this crane has beautiful appearance, it use long service life epoxy zinc-rich paint. All in all, no matter which type of overhead crane you need, we will provide you high quality crane at comprtitive price. All 10 ton overhead cranes accept your customization. Contact us for more details of our overhead cranes.

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